more pom poms

OK they’re really pomanders made of tissue paper but I love them!


DIY wedding pomanders.

I found the following on the Intimate Weddings Blog

Pomanders are a perfect way to dress up your wedding space. Whether you’re getting hitched in a church, in your own backyard, they look lovely lining the aisle! And you can make your own for super-cheap!

I discovered the above tissue paper pomander in the DIY Wedding section of Connecticut Weddings. Jessica, the crafty gal who made this, offers a great tutorial on how to make your own. The materials list only has four items:

Tissue Paper
Floral Wire
Styrofoam Ball

Amanda over at VintageGlam also has a tutorial on tissue paper wedding pomanders. She made her own for her wedding - and they were gorgeous as you can see from the photo.

diy wedding pomander

If you don’t have the time for DIY, why not hop on over to Etsy and rent some silk flower pomanders (shown below) from Psalm 117. Talk about a practical idea!

silk wedding pomanders

First Photo: Jessica at Connecticut Weddings; Second Photo, Amanda at VintageGlam; Silk Pomanders by Psalm 117

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